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LYNX MAPPING is a Texas based XYZ line mapping company dedicated to providing cost effective cutting-edge technology that are helping meet tomorrow’s utility needs.

Many pipelines currently in operation were laid decades ago. Up-to-date pipeline mapping is important because layout or as-built drawings may be unavailable and/or inaccurate and the maintenance and inspection records may be outdated. Mapping of newly laid pipelines, as well as older operating pipelines is a must for accurate pipeline route information. Pipeline mapping data not only ensures that pipeline route is measured and known, but also provide basis for synchronization of all available pipeline data and integration into GIS. Having the exact geographical XYZ coordinates of any pipeline feature and anomaly will maximize the use of pipeline data you already have.

Our philosophy

Lynx Mapping believes in providing the very best in all we do and holding ourselves accountable for delivering accurate results.

Our Mission

Our goal is mapping the world one pipeline at a time. We maintain the highest standards in quality, integrity, and accountability, allowing us not only to meet and exceed our goals, but to earn our partners trust.


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The partners at Lynx Mapping have over 20 years of pipeline experience and are looking for experienced workers to join our growing company. We welcome your inquiry! Please fill out the form below and include a PDF of your experience to be considered.

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